Some of the most common questions revolve around the amount of time it takes to install a windshield, what are OEM parts, and billing of insurance. We have also included a checklist of things you need to ask all automotive glass replacement shops to earn your business. Look further for specific answers to these questions.

All-Star Auto Glass is a preferred provider for all insurance companies nationwide. From Allied to Zurich we can electronically bill your insurance company with no hassle to you. Auto glass replacement falls under your comprehensive deductible. In most situations your glass deductible should be $100.00 or less.  Learn more about All-Star Auto Glass and insurance billing.

All-Star Auto Glass is committed to quality including the use of OEM and OEE parts. All-Star defines OEM, or Original Equipment Manufacture, as parts retaining the actual logo of the manufacturer. In most cases this means they must be purchased through the Manufacturer’s dealership. “Mopar” and “Carlite” branded parts are the exception in that we have direct access to purchase these parts outside of the dealership.

OEE, or Original Equipment Equivalent, are parts manufactured by companies that are contracted to build OEM parts. They may or may not have made parts for your vehicle model or even that model year.  These manufacturers include PGW (formerly PPG), Pilkington, ATI, AP Tech, Sigla, Sekurit, and others. Lastly, there are aftermarket parts. Aftermarket parts must still meet all Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards (FMVSS), but may not have the testing standards as the original manufacturer.

Ultimately, All-Star trusts the brands we use and will stand behind them for as long as you own the vehicle.  If you would like to know where the glass in your vehicle was manufactured, please look up the DOT# on your glass and visit

Generally a windshield installation will take two hours from start to finish. There is up to 1 hour of installation time and 1 hour of “curing” time. Curing time is the amount of time it takes the urethane adhesive that holds the windshield in place to dry to the FMVSS 216. No vehicle will be allowed to drive away without proper drying time.
In some cases yes. Your All-Star installation expert will determine if the weather is too bad to install your glass. Heavy rain or high winds may jeopardize the installation of your windshield so if you have any doubts please ask.

Office buildings do not usually pose problems for our installers. We can make arrangements to work in most downtown parking garages. Special arrangements may need to be made with attendant.

Auto glass claims are considered “no fault” under your comprehensive insurance by most insurance carriers and should not affect your rates. Your deductible may in fact be waived if all you need is a chip repair. These rules are subject to change by carrier so please be sure to check with our staff.

Only those businesses that meet the following criteria should be trusted with your car.

  • Use trained and certified technicians
  • Use only products that meet FMVSS standards
  • Follow all adhesive manufacturer’s instructions
  • Provide a written warranty
  • Carry adequate insurance